Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chicken Chat - and Cakes

Tree smaller chickens were priced at £4 each (each weighing 1.55kg) but on offer at "3 for £10", and it turned out these were a good buy.

Was puzzled how each bird could be exactly the same weight, but forgot to weigh them individually before I rolled up my sleeves and began work on them. Perhaps a little water had needed to be syringed into them to bring them up to the required weight. Did later notice on the back of the label "weights are approximate" so they may have been lighter, or even heavier. But they did look exactly the same.

Although I have done this in the past, and was not intending to do it again, decided I might just as well weigh the pieces after jointing - the results might be useful. Obviously with three birds this gave me six breasts (from which I took the fillets before weighing - and the breasts came to 2 lb 2 oz (950g), the fillets 11oz (300g).
The six wings weighed in at 1 lb 5 oz (600g), and although I divided two of the legs into drumsticks and thighs, did leave four as they were, but together they weighed 3 lb 5oz (1.5kg). The bones were left in. Then was left with three carcases, still with some flesh on them, to turn into stock.

When broken down into portions (and many of us do buy portions), then comparing the weights above against the cost of buying portions packs, think you will discover that buying the three birds was economical. If guests had been staying with us at the time of purchase, would probably have roasted one as a whole bird, or even frozen one to be cooked later, but had not large enough freezer space - split into in flat packs yes, but not a full-sized bird on the bone.

For those budding cake-decorators, may I refer you to my cousin's website. Sally-Ann now lives in America, but has always been interested in cooking and latterly has concentrated on making and decorating cakes. She got so good at it she has now turned it into a thriving business and you can see many of her cakes on her website . Do click onto her sugarcraft page for there are closeups there of sugar flowers that are so lifelike and truly amazing.