Sunday, May 27, 2007

A very hectic Goode Life

Back again after two long weeks. Stevan has set up broadband for me which seems to be working very well. It seems I had viruses in my comp. which was probably the cause of all the previous problems. These have been cleared and any further ones should now be blocked.
Initially I had planned to put pictures onto my other site ( but for some reason we couldn't seem to post up a picture. So have decided to abandon that site and put the pics up on this site which seems to make a lot more sense anyway.
So - from time to time you will be seeing pics that I feel are that little bit different. Not sure what happened to the format when I typed out the recipe, too many gaps between lines which we could not seem to edit out. So hope you will forgive those. It does seem that there is always a gremlin around when it comes to my media work - as you well know. I'm just glad to be back.

What a week we've had. We went to Morecambe for a few days (my daughter lives close by in Lancaster). I twisted my knee so ended up being pushed around in a wheel chair. Otherwise had a lovely time. The family (and Beloved) have decided it is time to downsize, so we are looking for a bungalow in that region. This means going over to view properties from time to time - although we have been sent details of one that seems perfect (this we will be returning to view later this coming week). Then comes the trauma of selling and leaving this house which I love to bits, and also getting rid of a lot of my 'clutter'.

When we were in Lancaster we went to a wonderful Turkish restaurant called Istanbul (excellent value for money) and for dessert I chose fruit salad. The portion size was huge and I thought the presentation was so unique it was well worth sharing with you, so yesterday I made the same dish for supper and later today (with Steve at my shoulder and me making copious notes at the same time so that I can do it again all on my own) I will be posting up the picture. Incredibly I used less than half a small melon, about threequarters of one red apple, a few strawberries cut in half, one banana, and the last of the grapes I found in my fridge. Oh yes, and one orange.