Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Planning Ahead

Thank you for your messages. By now I was hoping to be back to normal, but it seems it will take a lot longer, have to say I am getting fed up with one leg swathed from toes to knee in iodine patches, thick padding, soft bandages and on top of that layers of crepe-type bandages. Must be costing the NHS a fortune.

Minty you mentioned having some smoked and peppered mackerel. We absolutely LOVE smoked mackerel, but more the plain rather than the peppered. Although ready to eat, it can be served hot (lovely with a blend of creme fraiche and horseradish to make a sauce), but more usually cold with a salad. I tend to remove the skin from the fillets before serving then it is very easy to eat.
What about making smoked mackerel pate? Skin the mackerel skinned, flake then blend with a little softened butter, a teaspoon of horseradish sauce, juice of half or one lemon, some black pepper to taste (you can omit this if using peppered mackerel) then potted up and chill. If wishing to keep for a few days, pour a little melted butter over the top to seal the pots. A little thick yogurt could be added to the made pate if you wish to turn some of it into a dip.
I don't see any reason why smoked mackerel couldn't also be used as a substitute for smoked haddock in a dish such as kedgeree.

Originally this site began with the intention of it being a daily diary of the Goode Life, somewhere along the way it has drifted into memoirs and recipes. So today I thought I'd let you know more about the Happenings in the Household for this forthcoming week or so.

Today starts as usual - get up, come in here to chat to you, then downstairs, around 8.00am as near as possible, I take my blood sugar test. Then I will have breakfast. Alternate days I go to the surgery to get my leg dressed, usually no later than 9.30am as my husband has to drive me there and back before he starts work. Today is a surgery day.
Between 11.00am and 1.00pm today I will be expecting a large delivery from Tesco. This is the first time I have ordered since the delivery just before Xmas when I was stocking up for the Challenge. (Only needing fresh fruit and vegetables, bread since then). You can imagine I have plenty of empty shelf space to fill, which will take me quite a time once I have unpacked.

The delivery was set for today because tomorrow I have my friend from Leicester coming to stay again, returning Sunday, my son is also coming to visit on Saturday (and sort my computer out), and my daughter arrives next Monday to stay for a few days (memo strip all beds, wash sheets, make up beds for new guests as required). Add to that this weeks 'outings' - a further visit to the surgery on Wednesday to see the doctor for the first time re my diabetes, and another visit on Thursday to have my leg dressed again - after which I have a hair appointment
(this is normally Wednesday but my husband had to go somewhere so I had to change it to Thursday, now he tells me he may have to change his appointment to Thursday so I will see if my Wednesday spot is still free and book both). When at the hair salon I will be taking the opportunity to visit the butcher to stock up with meat (the butcher being next door to the hairdresser). I pop the meat order into the shop before I go to the salon, then it is ready for me after my shampoo and set.

Apart from remembering to have lunch, take my pill (after every meal), then take another blood test around 5.00pm before supper, between times I have to prepare and cook supper, and if I am lucky, I can then sit down and watch TV. Usually nodding off.
Sometime today I will need to list all the queries I have re diabetes to ask my doctor. Then make more lists as I need to plan the menu for this week and next, hoping to include dishes which I can photograph to put onto the new website. So you can see things are moving back to normal - which is how I like it. Busy, busy, busy.
Not forgetting to allow plenty of free time to be with both you and my friend.

When I woke this morning I could see our two apple trees in full bloom (I sleep with my windows and curtains open - facing east the dawn wakes me). One tree has pink blossom (it bears green apples with a flush of pink when fully ripe), the other tree has white blossom (and carries deep red apples). The trees are very, very old, large - and at this time of year, look absolutely beautiful. I must take a photo of them.
As I look through the window of my study (next to my bedroom but now facing south), all I can see is the roof of the house next door (barely 18ft. between us) the view this morning began with several sparrows scattered across the tiles, but now I see my window is splattered and so it has begun to rain. Well, we do need it for the garden I suppose.

As the week goes by you can now visualise me working my way through the days, and - as ever
- updating my 'diary' first thing in the morning. Please keep your comments coming, I look forward to trying to answer any queries and post up new recipes.
See you tomorrow.