Sunday, December 17, 2006

Coming together

My supermarket delivery arrived, was pleased to see (after Xmas food deducted) I had spent only £65 - so, referring to by budget (Nov. 19th posting ~ Contingency Plans) I still have plenty of money left.

There were some interesting purchases made. Smoked haddock at £2.81p, was expensive, so I opened the pack, cut the two large fillets in half, wrapped them singly and froze them. Likewise in the packet of kippers were three smaller fillets but they were only 63p total.
A 220g pack of smoked streaky Wiltshire bacon was £1.79, yet the purchase of a 500g pack of cooking bacon (what else would you do with it?) was only 73p. Said to contain a mixture of smoked and unsmoked bacon, I look forward to seeing what can be done with that.
The two packs of sausages bought were also unwrapped and the sausages re-wrapped singly so that once frozen I could use just one if one was all I needed.

A small gammon joint to boil, sliced thinly and then frozen (to go with the chicken mentioned in an earlier posting), and that - together with corned beef and sausages and some pork pie I intend making will fill several Cold Meat Platters that my husband so enjoys.
Some slight over-ordering with onions, but they do keep well and the value packs work out at 3p each, so look forward to plenty of onion dishes!