Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Keeping Going....

Hello Everyone.

Mum is in hospital at the moment and is being assessed for Care needs.  I don't really know how to do this stuff, so no more will be posted for a while. 

May I thank you all in advance of your kind thoughts and words, which I do know will be forthcoming  . . . .An update will be done as and when.  Sue ( Eldest Daughter ) Sunday 31 May 2015

No sign yet of the cellulitis clearing up.  They say it is now at the 'superficial' stage, but this does cause me more pain.   Today they have decided that a nurse should come in twice a day (morning and night) to dress my less otherwise I'm lying on very wet sheets by the morning, due to my leg dripping moisture out by the gallon.

The gardener is here today, and am having home helpers twice a week, so plenty of people around. And guess what!!!  The local organiser for the latter is the cousin of Jack Monroe - small world isn't it?

As ever, thanks for all the comments sent in.  The 'helper' starts this Friday, so will write more about that once we've established a routine. Am not in need of a carer who comes in at a set time each day as I never do know when I need help when it comes to health.  For instance I was up at 3.30am the past two nights due to needing to sit elsewhere other than in my bed.   Another night I might sleep right through until 7.00am and would not wish to be woken. 

Several of the nurses are men - that I have to say makes a change and since the first flare-up or bad arthritis in my knee (helped by steroid injections), it's been one thing after another for a year now.  Lets hope I'm due for a bit of respite from all the aches and pains. 
Having different people in the house to chat to will probably help.  It's no fun being alone all day with only the four walls for company and am determined to get out and about as soon as I can move comfortably.   Even sitting down in an easy chair is now turning out to be a bit painful.   Things could be worse |I have to tell myself. 

I'll try and pop in for a blog-chat as often as I can, can't promise when,  a few words are better than none at all.  Bear with me, as I'm determined to return to normal as soon as I can.  Knowing you are there cheering me on from the side-lines is a great help. 

Dismal weather we've been having recently, despite the sun, we've had strong winds and it has been quite cold (at least here in Morecambe).  Have yet to sit outside in the sun.   Summer will be over before it gets warm enough.

That's it for today, make the most of any good weather you may be lucky to have.  I notice dawn is very nearly breaking about 4.30am, do midsummer is not too far away. And then we have to begin thinking about Christmas!  Doesn't time fly?  TTFN

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Quick chat....

As I'm sitting by the comp (as needed to use the land line phone rather than mobile - cheaper!) thought I'd read comments and write a short blog.

Have given in to pressure from family and nurses and today am meeting up with someone who can tell me more about having a carer.  In actuality, the only time I do need help is a time when I might have problems re getting up/falling etc.  Can't put a set time on that one, and even if I had one of those things round my neck to phone for help, they would phone my next of kin (daughter in Lancaster) first, and it this I would try to avoid - she has a lot on her plate without my pinch of salt being the last straw.    Will just have to wait and see what can be arranged with carers.

Am going to try to have more friends round just to have someone to chat to (plus home-made cake and biscuits etc.)  Problem has recently been I never know what time the district nurses will come, usually morning but sometimes afternoon, and as they can be here for at least 30 mins this messes up visits from friends.

As ever, thanks so much for the comments that have been sent in.  Our front garden is now looking good with all the bluebells, the Acer in the back garden a lovely copper colour.  A lovely time of year. Just wish I could get out into the garden and sit in the sun.   The cellulitis is just above and also below the back of my left knee, what they call 'superficial' now, but exposed nerve endings mean any movement/walking is so painful that I try to avoid it.

Doctor visited me yesterday, am never going to be the healthy girl I once was. But at my age what else can I expect?  She forgot to give me a new prescription (for pills she had taken off the repeat 'scrip in case different ones were needed, but the blood test showed I can still use the same ) so I've had to get that sorted before this weekend or I'll have run out.  Our local pharmacy will collect the prescription tomorrow from one of the many surgeries in our group and deliver them to my home.  So that's sorted.

Life is getting to be a bit of a bore, other times I'm either on a high or in deep depression. Just need something to get me interested again.   Was going to start painting this afternoon, but of course now the 'carer' is coming I need to be free to chat to her.  When I paint I need to continue all day if poss, any distraction breaks my concentration.   It will all get sorted - eventually. 

At least managed to bake myself a couple of small loaves of bread this morning. Started early so that the nurse wouldn't overlap the baking time.  Out of the oven 15 minutes before she came - thank goodness. Much prefer home-made bread, shop bread makes me very bloated. 

Watched Greg Wallace involved with the commercial side of bread-making, from wheat to assorted flours onto making the rolls then loaves of bread.    Also saw a bit about chocolate - think it was Kit-Kat they ended up with.  Some good foodie progs on at the moment although I tend to nod when not that interesting. 

Carer-for-a-chat coming in half an hour so had better get myself prepared  and see if we can come to some arrangement that will please everyone.  The cost does not bother me - I have been allowed a good attendance allowance that will be more than enough for the small amount of 'care' needed.

Will blog again a.s.a.p. so watch this space.... TTFN.. 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Better Late Than Never...

Perhaps I make too many mountains out of molehills, but since I last blogged, one thing after another has brought me to almost desperation.   I sprained my back trying to do something, that lasted for several days, so couldn't lift one leg onto the bed to sloep properly, ended up sleeping (or not sleeping) in a chair for two nights.  Mattress provided for me but it was softer than my own original also thinner.  However, first night used I woke with no pain, just a bit of stiffness in my back and was so thrilled.  Discovered then all the grab handles on chairs, bed etc were now too high (because mattress was now lower), and just could not lift myself off the bed to stand and use one of my walking frames.   However much I tried I was stuck sitting on the side of the bed and the constant attempts to try and get up one way or another set my back hurting again.  In the end my daughter had to call the medics (arrived within five minutes) to give me assistance - which they did.  They also prescribed Codeine as a pain-killer along with paracetamol - helps a bit, but we have now put back the new mattress and altered the height of the necessary handles, and am able to lift myself off the bed, stand, and hold onto a walking frame and move around the apartment, slowly, very slowly, but it should get better soon.

The cellulitis is healing, but got to the stage of just surface soreness (with a lot of water leaking out)
and very, very sore it is), due to the nerve endings being exposed. "Like shingles?" I asked.  "Yes, but it isn't shingles"nurse replied. "Bet you that when my cellulitis has cleared up, then I will get shingles" I said (because that's how my health is these days, one thing after another with no respite inbetween!!_

Thanks to all who sent in comments, so many and only three am replying to (sorry about that).
If not too late, my suggestion Marjorie, for meat pies that can be eaten in the hand would be Cornish Pasties or Bedforshire Clangers.

No, I don't watch You Tube Marjie.  The only use I make of this comp is for writing my blog./

One of my daughter's friends was made quite ill by drinking untreated cow's milk at a farm where she worked Cheesepare, and when we used to stay in a caravan on a friend's dairy farm the farmers themselves were not allowed to drink the milk produced until it was treated - this some thirty or so years ago, but am sure now that rules have changed, and milk would not be sold now unless it was fit for use.  Maybe just a few people cannot tolerate really 'fresh' milk.

As my health is up one day, down the next (for several days) I'll be blogging when able to get to the comp.  This afternoon my daughter and I played Canasta in this, our dining (and comp room) so I decided to stay in here and take advantage of being close to the comp to catch up with emails and blog comments.  Moving out of here into the sitting room/bedroom will be much more of an effort.;

This being a Bank Holiday weekend, Morecambe has two days of Carnival,. the weather is cool, a bit windy, and has stayed fairly dry with some sunshine, so hoping visitors/trippers will enjoy all that has been arranged for them. 

Probably have another early night tonight, and able to move around with a bit more ease tomorrow. Best not rely on that, expect the worse and with any luck it won't happen. I used to be a very positive person, now I'm turning into a very Grumpy Old Woman and really beginning to hate myself for it.

Hope you all have a lovely restful Bank Holiday.  TTFN.