Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hotpot: 26th Sept. Stuffed Cabbage : 26th Sept.
Broccoli and Leek Gratin: 26th Sept. Potato Shuka: 12th May
The adaptable Paella: 12th May. Aubergine Steaks: 12th May
Stuffed Onions: 12th May. Vegetable Pasty: 7th May
Spicy Spinach 'en croute': 5th May Prune, Pear Pie: 5th May
Vegetable Gratin: 5th May. Cauliflower Gratin: 5th May
Prune, Pears and Chestnut Pie: 5th May
Parsnip Rissoles with Fromage Frais: 2nd April
Chargrilled Veggie Pie: 15th Feb. Veggie Chop Suey: 10th Feb.
Nut Roast: 10th Feb. Veggie Burgers: 26th Jan
Vegetarian Stew: 11th Jan.
Slow cooked Vegetable Chlli: 30th Nov.
Oven roasted Vegetables with Nutty Mash: 24th Nov.
Green Bean Cake: 19th Nov. Lentil Puree: 18th Nov.
Mushroom and Tarragon Pate: 7th Nov. Veg 'Roast : 30th Oct.
Vegetarian Tagine: 27th Oct. Farmhouse Bake: 10th Oct.
Butterbean Polenta Rissoles: 5th August
Chargrilled Veggie Skewers: 1st August
Mauritian Vegetable Ragout: 29th July
Deli-icious Eggs: 22nd July. Vegetable Bake: 22nd July
Satay Stir-fry: 17th July. Veg Omelette Traybake: 15th July
Tagine with Carrots, Apricot and Dates: 6th July
Chilli con Veggie: 5th July Stuffed Aubergines: 5th July
Vegetable Bake with Herby Dumplings: 5th July
Nutty Roasted Vegetable Strudel: 6th June El Bullit: 3rd June
Arabian Casserole: 29th May Varied Vegetable Bake: 29th May
Red Onion Steaks: 29th May Onions with Topping: 29th May
Caramelised Onion and Cheese Parcels: 29th May
Spiced Vegetarian Cottage Pie: 4th Feb.
Vegetarian Sausages: 21st Oct. Mushroom Pie: 19th Oct.
Apple and Cheese Pasties: 19th Oct.
Spinach, Potato and Cheese Omelette: 15th Oct.
Saibhaji (spinach with lentils): 14th Oct.
Godfather Spicy Pumpkin: 12th Oct.
Melting Potato and Mixed Mushrooms: 3rd Oct.
Ruffled Lasagne with Olives and Mushrooms: 3rd Oct.
Leek and Goat's Cheese Tart with Tapenade: 2nd Oct.
Halloumi Stuffed Peppers: 2nd Oct. Potato Wedges : 30th Sept.
Sweet Roasted Vegetables: 29th Sept. Falafel: 24th Sept.
Love-apple Rarebit: 24th Sept. Parsnip Hash B's: 23rd Sept.
Potato Pakoras: 21st Sept. Chargrilled Veg Pie: 20th Sept.
Chana Dhal: 18th Sept. Almost Aloo Gobi: 18th Sept.
Potato Gnocchi: 18th Sept. Pea Pods Piper: 7th Sept.
Mutter Pilau (pea): 5th Sept. Cracked Wheat Pilau: 2nd Sept.
Tofu and Bean Sprout Rolls: 1st Sept. Tofu Stir-fry: 1st Sept.
Mustardy Baked Mushrooms: 1st Sept.
Cauliflower with Yogurt and Cheese: 23rd August
Tomato Tart Tatin: 16th August Spicy Tofu : 16th August
Phoolghobi Bhagia (cauliflower fritters): 15th August
Broad Bean and Herb Couscous: 11th August
Two-way Beetroot: 10th August
Microwave Vegetarian Burgers: 10th August
Butterbeans with Beetroot Mash: 8th August
Spicy Aubergine with Potatoes: 6th August
Crispy Cheese and Courgette Bangers: 2nd August
Courgette Rolls with Ricotta Cheese Filling: 27th July
Spicy Tempura: 23rd July Stuffed Marrow: 23rd July
Sweetcorn, Chickpea and Carrot burgers: 23rd July
Scotch Eggs (veg): 20th July. Hob-top Bean Goulash: 20th July
Tuscan Bean Stew: 20th July Vegetarian Couscous: 19th July
Courgette and Pepper Omelette: 17th July
Walnut, Pepper and Celery Samosas: 11th July
Roasted Squash with Mixed Herb Stuffing: 10th July
Courgette and Chickpea Burgers: 10th Jly
Roasted Vegetables with Couscous: 10th July
Grilled Halloumi cheese and Broad Beans: 8th July
Vegetarian Stir-fry Noodles: 8th July
White Gazpacho: 8th July Chilled Gazpacho: 8th July
Pea and Bean Tortellini Filling: 7th July
Curd Cheese and Spinach Tortellini Filling: 7th July
Stuffed Cabbage Leaves: 3rd July Turkish Eggs: 3rd July
Green Pea Souffle: 1st July Walnut and Veg Pitta Pockets: 1st July
Tortas: 1st July Speedy Falafel Pockets: 28th June
Hash Browns : 28th June Courgette Flower Fritters: 27th June
Vegetable Pizza with Basil: 26th June Tapenade : 20th June
Orange Flavoured Refritos: 20th June
Cauliflower with Broccoli Sauce: 20th June
Rosti: 20th June Cheese and Apple Jackets: 19th June
Mandarin Potatoes: 19th June
Potato and Onion processor Pancakes: 17th June
Glamorgan Sausages: 17th June
Celery and Courgette Stew with Cheese: 17th June
Green and Red Timbale: 17th June Tomato Pesto: 10th June
Meatless burgers: 9th June Onion Bhajis: 8th June
Raita: 8th June Dhal: 8th June
Green Vegetables with Lemon Butter: 7th June
Tabbouleh: 7th June Cheese and Corn Pie Filling: 2nd June
Cheese and Nut Pasties: 2nd June Spring Risotto: 9th May
Vegetable Layer: 5th May Curried Potatoes: 5th May
Spanish Omelette: 19th April Herby Polenta : 2nd March
Corn Fritters: 2nd March Ready-to-use W. Rarebit...28th Feb.
Creamed Mushrooms on Toast: 22nd Feb.
Asparagus Rarebit: 22nd Feb. Sauteed Lentils: 18th Feb.
Lentils with Apricots: 18th Feb. Spinach Crisps: 3rd Feb.
Spanokapita (Greek Spinach Pie): 2nd Feb.
Cheese Souffle: 29th Jan. Souffle Omelette: 27th Jan.
Apple Rarebit: 26th Jan. Savoury Apple Pie: 26th Jan.
Hummus/humous: 25th Jan. Stilt and Brocci Cheese: 10th Jan.

Friday, March 27, 2009

RICE DISHES - savoury:
(curries have their own listing)
Dinosaur Eggs: 2nd April
Quinoa Prawn and Broad Bean Risotto: 21st Feb.
Koulibiac: 19th Feb, Kidney Risotto: 13th Feb.
Lamb Strogonoff: 13th Feb.
Chicken, Vegetable and Rice Soup: 12th Dec.
Pauper's Strogonoff: 8th Dec. Chicken and Saffron Rice: 1st Dec.
Rice and Bean Casserole: 7thNov. Spice 'n Rice Soup 4th Nov.
Rice and Ham Bake: 4th Nov.
Vegetable Risotto with Peanut Sauce: 4th Nov.
Asian Cheese Rice: 13th Sept.
Squash, Barley and Pepper Risotto: 12th Sept.
Rice Patties: 8th August. Speedy Rice Supper: 26th July
Courgette and Mushroom Strogonoff: 26th July
Butternut Risotto: 20th July
Oriental Spiced Rice with Prawns: 11th July
Chicken Liver Risotto: 20th June Hob Top Spicy Rice: 3rd June
Quick Kedgeree: 20th May Sushi Rice: 9th May
Roasted Pepper Rice Tarts: 1st May
Moors and Christians (rice and beans): 24th April
Green Veg Risotto: 22nd April Green Risotto Rice 3rd April
Coronation Chicken with Rice: 25th Feb.
Indian Rice Omelette: 14th Feb. Persian Pilaf: 18th Jan,
Crab, Corn and Rice Timbales: 17th Jan.
Chinese Beef with Sticky Rice: 16th Jan.
Cheese and Mushroom Risotto Patties: 16th Jan.
Riz au Chou (cabbage risotto): 30th Dec.
Easy Fish Risotto: 22nd Dec. Indian Cheese and Rice: 30th Nov.
Green Rice: 27th Nov. Peanut Paella: 12th Nov.
Kedgeree to Beat all Others: 6th Nov. Mexican Soup: 27th Oct.
Jambalaya Risotto Fish Dish: 17th Oct.
Chicken, Rice and Beans: 15th Oct. Veg Fried Rice: 7th Oct.
Pepperoni and Peas Fried Rice: 30th Sept.
Kedgeree: 16th July Spring Risotto: 9th May
Kipper Kedgeree: 23rd Feb. Jambalaya: 4th Feb.
Roman Risi e Bisi: 19th Jan.
Tuna rice and...: 13th Jan. Poor Man's paella: 1st Jan.
Tuna-Rice Creole: 29th Dec.

Masterclass: Pasta (home-made pasta): 4th April '09
Spaghetti with Lemon and Prawns: 5th April
Ravioli stuffed with cheese: 4th April
Pilchard Pasta: 6th Dec. Pasta Eggs Lyonnaise: 25th Nov.
Assorted Greens and Pasta: 16th Nov. Pasta Bake: 17th Nov.
Mixed Green Bean Pasta Pot: 4th Nov.
Easy-Peasy Vegetable Pasta Bake: 1st Nov.
Spaghetti with Boozy Smoked Salmon Sauce: 19th Oct.
Pasta Carbonara: 19th Oct. Pasta and Beef Layer: 27th Sept.
Cannelloni: 9th August Chicken/Mushroom Pasta: 15th July
Lemon/Olive flavoured Pasta: 13th July
Prawn, Corn and Bean Pasta: 13th July

Lasagne: 15th July Pasta with Spinach and...: 11th July
Pasta Pronto - basic suggestions: 7th July
Pasta Napolitana: 5th July Macaroni Cheese: 4th June
Lunchbox Pasta: 3rd June New Potatoes Peas Pasta: 31st May
Warm Pasta with..flavours: 30th May Curried Pasta: 20th May
Creamy Chicken and Corn Pasta: 7th May
Pasta and Bean Salad with Yogurt dressing: 4th May
Carbonara Salsiccia: 22nd April Pasta/Blue Cheese: 3rd April
Lemon Pasta with Prawns and Parsley: 23rd March
Neapolitan Meat Pasta: 11th Feb.
Blue Cheese Pasta with Broccoli and Bacon: 8th Feb.
Roasted Veg Pasta: 18th Feb. Tuna/Pasta Salad: 18th Jan.
Easy Sausage Pasta: 23rd Dec. Pea and Ham Pasta: 6th Dec.
Veg Tagliatelli: 9th Nov. Beetroot Salad with Pasta: 29th Oct.
Jumbo Stuffed Shells: 18th Oct. L. Tuna with Pasta: 16th Oct.
Pumpkin Pasta to Please: 12th Oct.
Pasta with Creamy Cheese Walnuts: 9th Oct.
Almost instant meat balls with Pasta: 1st Oct.
Mackerel and Broccoli Pasta: 23rd August
Pasta with Melting Cheese Sauce: 6th August
Seasonal Tagliatelli: 23rd July Gr. Beans with Pasta: 2nd July
Tunisian Macaroni: 30th June
Pasta with Leek and Blue Cheese Sauce: 20th June
Creamy Tuna Shells: 9th April Pasta Carbonara: 26th Jan.
Creamy Butternut and Herb Pasta: 10th Jan.
Tuna Pasta Bake: 8th Jan.
Beef and Pasta Bake: 6th Dec. Pork B.. with Pasta: 29th Nov.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

SALADS: assorted incl. salad dressings
Sprouting Salad: 26th Feb. Waldorf Salad - variation:
Broad Beans and Pea-shoot Salad: 21st Jan
Beetroot/ Orange Salad: 30th Dec. Turkey... Salad: 27th Dec.
Sprout Salad: 9th Dec: Hot Goat's Cheese Salad: 28th Nov.
Ham and Salad Spread: 27th Nov. Mackerel Salad: 20th Nov.
Beef and Horseradish Salad: 10th Nov.
Salad of Pickled Vegetables: 9th Nov. Seasonal Salad: 5th Nov.
New York Warm Potato Salad: 1st Nov. Roman Salad: 15th Oct.
Potato, Apple and Walnut Salad: 21st Sept.
Warm Green Beans: 17th Sept.
Tomato and Courgette Salad: 21st August
Scandinavian Potato Salad: 21st Aug Caesar Salad: 15th Aug
Blue Cheese and Cauliflower Salad: 9th August
Smokey Fish Salad: 9th August Rice Salad with..: 2nd August
Warm Potato Salad with Watercress: 25th July
Chicken Salad with Ham and Nectarines: 21st July
Butterbean Salad: 20th July Chorizo and Chickpea : 19th July
Crushed Potato and Tuna Salad with Pesto: 17th July
Bombay Salad: 6th July Couscous with Halloumi : 20th June
Beetroot and Potato Salad: 15th June Crispy Salad: 7th June
Orange Salad: 7th June Mustard/Cress/Apple Salad: 29th May
Cucumber, Melon and Mint Salad: 29th May
Parsnip and Cheese Salad: 29th May All Nations: 20th May
Bean Salad with Tuna Dressing: 17th May
Pasta and Bean Salad with Yogurt Dressing: 4th May
Basic Pepper Salad - and variations: 28th April
Salad de Layritz: 24th April Spicy Potato Salad: 19th April
Mexican Tuna and Mixed Bean Salad: 4th April
Potato Salad: 3rd April and 2nd Jan.
Salade d'orange: 22nd March Cr. Chicken Salad: 13th March
Crisp Green Salad with Hot Seared Beef: 11th March
Crisp Green Salad with Gado Gado Sauce: 10th March
Beef with Watercress and Beans Salad: 2nd March
Mixed Fish Salad: 29th Feb. Curried Fish Salad: 24th Feb.
Warm Red Cabbage and Goat's Cheese Salad: 23rd Feb.
Canary Island Salad: 18th Feb. Beetroot ...Mould: 13th Feb.
Main Line Beetroot Salad: 13th Feb. S.Chicken Salad: 12th Feb.
Lamb Salad with Mushrooms: 24th Jan.
Couscous Salad with...: 18th Jan. Tuna/Pasta Salad: 18th Jan.
Mushroom, Watercress and Walnut Salad: 27th Nov.
"Use-what-you've-got" Salad: 15th Nov.
Quinoa, Goat's Cheese and Orange Salad: 29th Oct.
Beetroot Salad with Pasta: 29th Oct.
Smoked Mackerel, Watercress and Beetroot Salad: 29th Nov.
New Potato and Tuna Salad: 26th Oct.
Hot Chicken Salad Supreme: 15th Oct.
Chicken, Grapefruit and Sweetcorn Salad: 27th Sept.
Salad Nicoise: 22nd Sept. Athene's (Greek) Salad: 22nd Sept.
Fledgling Fig and Mozzarella Salad: 21st Sept.
New Potato Salad with Spicy Meats: 21st Sept.
Potato/Bacon Salad: 3rd Sept. Couscous/Salmon: 3rd Sept.
Simple Salad: 23rd August Hot Sausage Salad: 23rd August
Three-in-one Salad: 23rd August Gado-Gado Salad: 23rd August
Pear, Watercress and Blue Cheese Salad: 23rd August
Smoked Mackerel and Couscous Fruit Salad: 22nd August
Refreshing Orange and Red Pepper Salad: 10th August
Beef, Beetroot and Horseradish Salad: 9th August
Beetroot and Celery Salad with Walnuts: 8th August
Butterbean and Tomato Salad: 3rd August
Chickpea/Pepper Salad: 23rd July Almost ...Salad: 23rd July
Warm Potato, Tuna and Broccoli Salad: 19th July
Red-Radish Salad: 12th July French Salad: 3rd July
Warm Summer Salad: 28th June
Honey Salad from Alicante: 26th June
A traditional Salad from Nice: 26th June
Glazed Orange, Watercress and Blue Cheese Salad: 15th April
Spicy Lamb Salad: 9th April Chicken with ...Crunch: 29th Jan.
Salad Mousse: 20th Oct. Tomato...Salad: 24th April
Salad Cream with Honey and Mustard: 3rd Sept.
Fat-free Salad Dressing: 23rd August
Salad Dressing: 23rd August
Yogurt Salad Dressing: 6th August
A Versatile Salad Dressing: 8th July
Salad Cream: 4th July
Caesar Salad Dressing: 24th April

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Preserved Kumquats: 20th Sept.
Spiced Apricot Jam 30th Jan.
Time-saving Apricot Jam 30th Jan.
Marrow and Ginger Jam 17th Oct.
Bramble Jam 4th Sept.
Love-Apple Jam 8th Sept.
No-cook Strawberry Jam 6th Sept.
Microwave Jam 5th Sept.
Rose Petal Jam 3rd July
Carrot Jam 29th June
Green Tomato Jam 13th June
Cherry and Gooseberry Jam 12th June
Cherry and Redcurrant Jam 12th June
Gooseberry and Rhubarb Jam 15th May
Apricot and Almond Jam 3rd March
Tomato and Orange Jam 3rd March
Kiwi Fruit Jam 8th Nov.
Pear Jam 9th Oct.
Marrow Jam 20th August
Swiss Cherry Jam 9th August
Plum and Apple Jam 26th July
Plum Jam 26th July
Bilberry Jam 18th June
Freezer Jam 16th June
Quick Apricot Jam 16th June
Rhubarb and Ginger Jam 16th June
Rose Petal Jam 16th June
Apricot and Carrot Jam 4th May
MARMALADE: sweet and savoury
Cottager's Marmalade 17th Oct
Windfall Marmalade 16th Sept
Apple Marmalade 6th August/also 26th Jan. 2007
Fruity Onion Marmalade 25th April
Red Onion Marmalade 18th Oct/11th July
Rhubarb and Onion Marmalade 11th July
Orange and Lemon Peel Marmalade 13th Dec.
Gooseberry and Elderflower Curd: 21st July.
Strawberry and Orange Curd: 3rd March
Lemony Apple Curd: 22nd Dec. *
Pumpkin and Lemon Curd: 25th Oct
Made in minutes Lemon Curd (microwave): 9th July **
Lemon Curd: 4th May.
Lemon and Honey Curd: 5th Feb.
Pickled eggs 24th Jan.
Sweet Tangy Winter Pickle 29th Nov.
Mint Pickle 29th June
Pickled Nasturtium Leaves 29th June
Pickled Ginger 27th April
Orange Pickle 28th Dec.
Pickled Gherkins 30th July
Pickled Plums 26th July
Piccalilli: 25th July (also 2rd July)
Mint Pickle 25th July
Pickled Blackberries 19th July/also 18th June
Courgette Pickle 11th July
Crunchy Pickled Shallots 15th June
Cranberry and Apple Chutney 8th Feb.
Apricot and Apple Chutney 30th Jan.
Christmas Chutney 10th Nov. **
Almost no-cook Date Chutney 17th Oct.
Apple and Marrow Chutney 16th Sept.
Gooseberry Chutney 4th July/ 15th May
Apricot 'chutney' 28th June
Sage and Onion Chutney 3rd March
Apricot and Apple Chutney 3rd March
Greengage Chutney with a kick 18th Oct.
Pear and Lemon Chutney 3rd Oct,
Sweet Tomato Chutney 3rd August
Mango Chutney 31st July
Plum Chutney 26th July
Hilda's Beetroot and Apple Chutney 22nd July**
Apple and Tomato Chutney 22nd July
Piyaz ki Chutney (onion chutney) 12th July
Beetroot Salsa/chutney 30th May
Tomato Chutney Marmalade 11th July
Apricot Chutney 30th June
Blackberry Chutney 30th May
Elderberry Chutney 2nd Oct
Apricot Chutney 2nd Oct
Beetroot Chutney 2nd Oct
Moroccan Salted Lemons: 20th Sept '09

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FISH DISHES - fresh fish/fishcakes/canned tuna
dishes using FRESH FISH:
Salmon in Filo Nests: 13th May
Pilchard Pasta: 11th May
Fish 'n Chip Nibbles: 11th May
Mackerel a la Kiev: 11th May
Seafood Salad: 5th May
Fish curry 3rd Feb.
Fish pate - flavouring 4th Jan.
Deep Dish Fish Pie 28th Dec.
Speedy Fish Quenelles 1st Dec.
Fish Pie with Sweet Mash topping 26th Oct.
Chef's Fish Special 9th Oct.
Salmon and Prawn Pie 8th Oct.
Fisherman's 'meal in a bowl' Soup 1st Sept.
Smokey Fish Salad 9th August
Quick as a Flash Fish Fingers 21st July
Spicy Fish Fritter 15th July
New York Chowder 7th July
Fish Soup 21st June
Mock White Fish 13th June
Smokey Kale Mash with Fish 26th May
Quick Kedgeree 20th May
Haddock Hash with Poached Eggs 7th May
Japanese Clear Fish Soup 27th April
Japanese Fish Bouillon 27th April
Toasters: Fish Rolls 15th April
Bouillabaisse (fish soup) 29th Feb.
Mixed Fish Salad 29th Feb.
Mary's Fish and Chips 24th Feb.
Curried Fish Salad 24th Feb.
Worcestershire Chowder 24th Feb.
Fish Puffs 24th Feb.
Mariner's Delight 9th Feb.
Pureed Fish 25th Jan.
Peppered Cod with Citrus and Coriander 15th Jan.
Easy Fish Risotto 22nd Dec.
Your Choice Fish Pie 25th Nov.
Herb Stuffing for Fish 25th Nov.
Kedgeree to beat all others 6th Nov.
Fishy Triangles 5th Nov.
Your Average Fish Pie 17th Oct.
Jambalaya Risotto Fish Pie 17th Oct.
Icelandic Fish Pie 17th Oct.
Smokey Fish Pie 27th Sept.
Fishy Frittata 26th Sept.
Odds and Ends Chunky Chowder 10th Sept.
Kedgeree 16th July
Fish fingers/cakes 15th July
Cheats Quick Fish Chowder 15th April
Jambalaya 4th Feb.
Fish Stock (F) 11th Jan.
Captain's Chowder Mark 2 11th Jan.
Poor Man's Paella 1st Jan.
Fish Stock 5th Nov.
The Captain's Chowder 5th Nov.**
Pantry Shelf Fish Bites 26th Sept.
Keshy yeno coe pisca (cheese and fish) 24th April
FISHCAKES (with fresh or canned fish):
Crispy Fishy Cakes: 5th April
Fun to Make Fishcakes: 22nd July
Fishcakes Supreme: 20th July
Salmon and Potato Cakes: 16th July
Fatima's Fishcakes: 28th March
Posh Fish Cakes: 25th Feb.
Tuna and Sweetcorn Fish Cakes: 27th Sept,
Upper Crust Fish Cakes with Tartare Sauce: 20th Sept.
Fish Fingers/Cakes: 16th July
Dishes made with canned fish:
Salmon Pate (F): 25th May
Layered Sardine Terrine: 4th May
Tuna and Sweetcorn Toasties 29th Nov.
Crusty Tuna Casserole 22nd Nov.
Crispy Tuna Hash 28th Oct.
Tuna and Grain Bake 8th Aug.
Crushed Potato and Tuna Salad with Pesto 17th July
Bean Salad with Tuna dressing 17th May
Tuna Toasties 15th April
Mexican Tuna and Mixed Bean Salad 4th April
Tuna Beans on Toast 1st April
Chunky Tuna Casserole 17th March
Green and Gold Tuna 29th Feb.
Tuna and Pasta Salad 18th Jan.
New Potato and Tuna Salad 26th Oct.
Zippy Tuna Pockets 18th Oct.
Filo Tuna Fish Pies 17th Oct.
Lemon Tuna with Pasta 16th Oct.
Tuna Fingers/Balls 29th Sept.
Tuna and Sweetcorn Fish Cakes 27th Sept.
Tuna Melt with Potato Wedges 6th Aug.
Warm Potato, Tuna and Broccoli Salad 19th July
Tuna Mayo Sauce 17th July
Potato, Courgette and Tuna Bake 7th July
Quick and Easy Tuna Bake 2nd July
Tuna Dip 30th June
Zuppa Mituna 21st June
Creamy Tuna Shells 9th April
Melting Tuna Toasts 15th Jan. *
Tuna Rice and something nice 13th Jan.
Tuna-Rice Creole 29th Dec.
Couscous with Tuna 28th Dec.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Recipes using BEEF: in date order
Beef and Sesame Salad 24th March
Beef and Horseradish Salad 10th Nov.
Crisp Green Salad with Hot Seared Beef 11th March
Beef with Watercress and Bean Salad 2nd March
Beef, Beetroot and Horseradish Salad 9th July.
Beefballs in Tomato Sauce (F) 19th Jan.
Rustic Rissoles: 27th Nov.
All Things Nice - beefburgers 9th Oct.
Moroccan Meatballs 3rd Oct.
Buffet Meatballs 7th Oct.
Beef and Watercress burgers 21st July.
Beef and Peanut burgers 27th Oct.
Basic Meatballs (F) 12th July
Beef stock 20th August
Beef gravy 18th August
Brown stock 4th July
Aberdeen sausages 13th April
Small Fry Corned Beef Sausages (F) 18th Oct.
Beef Sausages - English style (1 & 2) (F) 16th Oct.
Beef and Herb Sausages 15th Oct.
see also cheaper cuts of meat: 25th Sept. 2008
Rolled Beef with Fruit stuffing: 4th May
Beef 'n Ale Pie: 4th May
Boiled Beef and Carrots 10th Feb.
Beef 'n Beans Spicy Casserole 27th Nov.
Mrs Scrooge's Beef en Croute (F) 24th Nov.
Boeuf Bourguignonne 22nd Nov.
Sweet and Sour Beef Casserole 22nd Nov.
Devilled Skirt with Orange Dumplings 22nd Nov.
Pasta and Beef Layer 27th Sept.
Moussaka with Cheese Topping 27th Sept.
Bolognaise Sauce (method) 5th Sept.
Cornish Pasties 31st Aug.
Boeuf Pate 19th May
Keshy yeno coe carne (cheese and beef) 25th April
Magic Mince - basic recipe 7th April
Devilishly good Beef Stew 8th March
Stuffed Steak 18th Feb.
Beef stuffed Peppers 11th Feb.
Stuffed Beef slices 11th Feb.
Beef Strogonoff 11th Feb.
Beef in Barbecue Sauce 11th Feb.
Bubble and Squeak with Roast Beef 9th Feb..
Pot Roast of Brisket with Mustard Sauce 23rd Jan.
Stewed Shin of Beef 23rd Jan.
Beef Olives 23rd Jan.
Country Cottage Pie 23rd Jan.
Chinese Beef with Sticky Rice 16th Jan.
Chilli Beef Pizza 15th Jan.
Red Flannel Hash 29th Nov.
Meat-stretching Chilli con Carne 26th Nov.
Beef Stew with Orange dumplings 4th Nov.
Beef and Bean Stuffed Peppers 28th Oct.
"All Rounder" Minced Beef plus 28th Oct.
Bombay Pasties 27th Oct.
Luxury Wellington 9th Oct.
Beef and Mushroom Patties 9th Oct.
Beef Carbonnade 19th August (also 8th May)
Beef, Onion and Mushroom Strogonoff 23rd July
Beef and Courgettes 12th July
Bobotie 12th July (also 9th May)
Oriental Beef with Salad 2nd July
Meat Loaf 7th March
Ragout of Beef 21st April
Beef Casserole (F) 9th Jan.
Country Vegetable and Almost Beef Casserole 29th Dec.
Beef and Spinach Pancakes 5th Dec.
Beef and Pasta Bake 5th Dec.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

CHICKEN recipes.


Chicken and Mushroom Pie (filo): 13th May

Oriental Chicken: 6th May

Casserole of Chicken and Sweetcorn 30th Dec.
Chicken Meatballs 18th Dec.
Chicken Terrine 18th Dec.
No-need-to-cook Chicken Quiche 11th Dec.
Macaroni Chicken 11th Dec.
Chicken open sandwiches 1oth Dec.
Quick Cassoulet 27th Nov.
Chicken in a Tuna Sauce 25th Nov.
Rather Special Chicken Rolls 24th Nov,
Chicken Breasts 23rd Nov
Chicken with Green Lentils 23rd Nov.

Micro-sauced and grilled Chicken: 23rd Nov.
Chicken Drumsticks - 5 different coatings 18th Oct.
Rosy Sauced Chicken and Mushrooms 3rd Oct.
Chicken Croquettes 13th Sept
Creamed Chicken Moulds 11th Sept
Buffet Meatballs 7th Sept
Chicken and Broccoli Terrine 16th Aug.
Quick Chicken Casserole 4th Aug.
Cheat's Coc au Vin 26th July
Chicken and Mushroom Pasta 15th July
Parmesan and Pesto Chicken 15th July
Hob Top Chicken 4th July
Chicken Mousse 24th June
Stuffed Chunky Chicken Rolls 23rd June
Crispy Chicken Nibbles 7th May
Creamy Chicken and Sweetcorn Pasta 7th May
Crumbed Chicken 19th April
Chicken Pancake Rolls (F) 11th April
Spicy Chicken with Cabbage 7th April
Chicken Tetrazzini 23rd March
Chicken Wraps 23rd March
Chicken Risotto 21st March
Chicken Club Sandwich 13th March
Vegetable Gratin with Chicken 12th March
Crispy Lemon Chicken 15th Feb.
Chicken Brunswick 12th Feb.
Chicken and Sweetcorn 25th Jan.
Baked Chicken with Stilton and Walnut 15th Jan
Sticky Skewered Chicken 7th Dec.
Baked Chicken - plus 23rd Nov
Chicken Escalopes with Orange 23rd Nov
Mustardy Chicken Goujons 16th Nov
Chicken Casserole 4th Nov
"We're Having a Party" Chicken 4th Nov.
Oven-fried Cheesey Chicken 15th Oct.
Chicken, Rice and Bacon 15th Oct.
Creamy Chicken with Pumpkin 12th Oct.
Devilled Chicken 10th Sept.
Chicken with Lemon, Honey and garlic 4th Sept.
Chicken and Vegetable Fricasee 2nd Sept
Coops and Drupes (Chicken and Plums) 28th Aug.
Gingered Chicken with Apricots 16th July
Lemony Chicken Stir-Fry 16th July
Herby Chicken Skewers with Peanut Noodles 8th July
"Cock a Goode'll Do 1st May
The Goode Cassoulet 25th Jan,
Chicken Escalopes 23rd Jan
Lemon and Honey Escalopes 23rd Jan.
Chicken and Cheese Pancakes 30th Dec.
Lemon Chicken 28th Dec.
Chicken and Butterbean Casserole 3rd Nov.
Chicken Meatballs (F) 26th Sept.
Chicken Terrine 26th Sept.
Shirley's Lemon Chicken 22nd Sept
Chicken Escalopes 17th Sept

Friday, March 20, 2009

Recipes for PORK, HAM and BACON. In date order
basic Roast Pork Casserole: 11th May (plus 3 variations)
Somerset Pork Hot-Pot: 4th May
Pork and Swede Hot Pot 23rd March
Cheesey Chops with Crispy Spuds 19th March
Slow roasted Belly Pork 15th March
Casserole of Lentils with Belly Pork 9th March
Empanadillos de Pollo (pork, ham and chicken): 7th March
Chorizo wrapped in Bread and Leaves: 7th March
Chorizo in Puff Pastry: 7th March
Roast Pork with Spicy Apricot Stuffing 1st March
Normandy Pork with ginger and cashew nut stuffing:1st March
Stefatho 1st March
Pork, Liver and Bacon Terrine 23rd February
Pork with Pease Pudding 16th February
Pork Vindaloo 3rd February
Braised Pork with Orange 15th January
Easy Cassoulet 16th January
Cheesy Pork Fritters 5th December
Ham (pork) Hash 5th December
Faggots: 27th Oct.
Pork Pie 28th September
Pork Galantine 13th September
“Pork that Stains the Tablecloth” 17th August
Pork Balls with Mint 9th August
Pork and Nut Terrine (F) 24th July
Oriental Pork Noodlescosting 10th July
Country Pork and Apple Pie 16th May
Spicy Pork Sate 11th April
Pork ‘n Beans with Sweetcorn 8th April
Fruity Porkburgers 4th March
Canary Chorizo (to make): 18th Feb.
Hampshire Haslet 16th February
Sweet and Sour Spare Rib(s) 14th February
Pork Stuffed Mushrooms 23rd January
Pork Tourtiere 23rd January
Cuts of Pork/cooking 23rd January
Pork Chops with Apple and Mustard Sauce 18th January
Pork Meatballs in a Spicy Sauce 18th January
Chinese Pork Broth 15th January
Parmesan Pork with Red Apple Cabbage 19th December
Marguez Spicy Sausages 15th October
Maple Pork with Sage 20th September
Pork Gravy 18th August
Chinese Pork Stir-fry 30th June
Rillettes du Porc 15th June
Minted Pork Nuggets with Broad Beans 12th June
Sweet and Sour Pork 21st April *
Melton Mowbray Pork Pie 24th February
Pork Roasting Temperature Guide 11th February
The Goode Cassoulet 25th January
Pork Chop Melts 21st January
Pork Balls with Pasta 29th November
Rolled Gammon with Apricot Stuffing: 4th May
Pea and Ham Soup 2nd Jan
Ham Scramble 31st Dec.
Ham Hash 5th Dec.
Ham and Egg 'Squeak' 29th Nov.
Wham, Bam, thank you Mam Ham Loaf 27th Nov.
Ham and Salad Spread 27th Nov.
Quick Cassoulet 27th Nov.
Rice and Ham Balls 4th Nov.
Ham and Pineapple Melt 4th Nov.
Pasta Carbonara 19th Oct.
Ham Rollups 4th August *
Chicken Salad with Ham and Nectarines 31st July
Chicken Salad with Pesto and Parma Ham 15th July
Carbonara di Salsiccia 22nd April
Tipsy Ham, Mushroom and Cranberry Sauce 4th April
Celery and Ham Mousse 15th February
Pea and Ham Pasta 6th Dec.
Mini Cheese and Ham Quiches 17th Nov.
Chargrilled Figs with Parma Ham 21st Sept.
Yesterday's Ham and Game Appetiser 10th Sept.
Ham, Spinach and Cheese Rollups 14th April *
Ham and Cheddar 25th February
Spicy Ham and Beans 4th Feb.
Pasta, Peas and Home-cooked Ham 14th Jan.
Croque Monsieur et Mesdames 13th Jan.
Bacon wrapped Apricots with Thyme: 21st March
Pork, Liver and Bacon Terrine 23rd Feb.
No-crust Corn and Bacon Chowder 15th Feb.
Chicken, Lentil and Bacon 22nd Jan.
Rabbit and Bacon Pie: 15th Dec.
Liver, Bacon and Apple:13th Dec.
Lamb Patties with Bacon Collar: 5th Dec.
Bacon Dumpling Soup: 19th Nov.
Bacon and Tomato Rolls: 31st Oct.
Cheese-stuffed Prawns with Bacon: 31st Oct.
Pasta Carbonara: 19th Oct.
Upsey Downsey Bacon Pie: 9th Oct.
Bacon Roly Poly: 30th Sept. **
Bacon Pizza: 30th Sept.
Lentil Soup with Bacon: 18th Sept.
Bacon Dumplings: 15th August
Mushroom and Bacon Parcels: 18th July
Liver, Bacon, Cabbage and Potatoes (method) 11th July
The Ultimate B.L.T.: 23rd June
Aberdeen Sausages 13th April
Cheese Pancakes with Bacon and Tomatoes: 4th March
Cabbage and Bacon Bake: 17th Jan.
Sausage and Bacon Rolls: 8th Nov.
Chicken and Bacon Pasties: 5th Nov
21st Century English Breakfast: 7th Oct.
Potato and Bacon Salad: 3rd Sept.
Savoury Sweetcorn and Bacon Muffins: 31st July
Sausages with Bacon and Cheese: 15th July
Bacon Hot Pot: 27th June
Pasta Carbonara: 25th Jan.
Bacon Hashed Potatoes: 19th Jan.

Recipes for LAMB. In date order.
Stuffed Breast of Lamb (F): 25th May
Mini-burgers with apple: 2nd April
Honeyed Lamb 11th March
Lamb Hot Pot with Parsley dumplings 10th March
Lamb and Barley Hot Pot 10th March
Boston Baked Beans Lamb Casserole 9th March
Albondigos 'Sant Clement' (meatballs) 6th March
Mumbar (lamb curry) 19th February
Spiced Lamb with Couscous 18th February
Mutton/lamb Dhansak 8th February
Rogan Josh (lamb curry) 8th February
The Tsarina's Stew 1st February
Not quite an Irish Stew 1st February
Baghdad 'Hot Pot' 25th January
Spicy Lamb and Herb balls 19th January
Kheema Mutter (lamb and peas) 10th January
Shepherd's Rolls 19th December
Stuffed lamb's hearts 15th December
Casserole of lambs' hearts 15th December
Chilled Lamb 14th December
Lamb-stuffed Courgettes 5th December
Harem Hash 2nd December
For the Sultan's Pleasure 24th November
French Lamb Casserole 22nd November
Hob-top Lamb and Chickpeas 27th October
Almost Arabian Lamb 27th October
Lamb and Ale soup 4th October
Moroccan Meatballs 3rd October
Lamb Meatballs 27th September
Buffet Meatballs 7th September
Bobotie 28th June (also 12th July and 9th May 2007)
Lamb Kebabs 23rd March
Lamb Shanks 16th March
Spicy Lamburgers 4th March
Carajaca (lamb's liver): 18th Feb.
Moroccan Lamb with Couscous 15th February
Devilled Lambs’ Kidneys 29th January
Caribbean Lamb 24th January
Cuts of Lamb/cooking 24th January
Lamb Salad with Mushrooms and Mint dressing 24th January
Stuffed Lamb with Plums 24th January
Rustic Lamb 23rd July
Bobotie 121th July (also 28th June 2008)
Shepherd’s Pie 3rd July
Little Lamb Pies 3 July
Bobotie 9th May
Spring Lamb Salad 9th April
Poitrine d’Agneau au Chou 5th October.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cold Comfort Kitchen

useful temperatures to know about:
(conversions are approximate and are as accurate as the various circumstances demand).
32F - 0C = ice melts or water freezes depending upon whether heat is being added or taken away.
120F - 49C = add starter and put yogurt to bed
140F - 60C = internal temperature for rare beef
145F - 63C = internal temp. underdone beef or mutton
150F - 65C = egg begins to thicken and coagulate
160F - 71C = pasteurization temperature
160F - 71C = internal temp medium roast beef
165F - 74C = internal temp roast lamb

175F - 80C = proteins will have curdled
175F - 80C = internal temp well done beef and mutton
175F - 80C = correct internal temp for veal

185F - 85C = internal temp for roast pork
195F - 90C = simmering temperature
200F - 93C = low oven - temp for meringues, custards etc

215F - 102C = thread stage for sugar
230F - 110C = blow stage for sugar (gas reg 1/4)
240F - 116C = about right for fondant icing
250F - 120C = hard boil for sugar (gas 1/2)
275F - 135C = gas oven reg 1
278F - 137C = temp for shallow frying in butter
289F - 143C = hard crack stage for sugar

300F - 150C = Madeira and fruit cake (gas reg 2)
320F - 160C = slow roast for most meats. Choux pastry. Gas 3

350F - 180C = medium. Slow roast for pork. Gas reg 4.
350F - 180C = middle of frying range for doughnuts
350F - 180C = middle of frying range for chips, fish, meat etc
350F - 180C = caramelization of sugar

375F - 190C = normal roasting temperature for meats
375F - 190C = top of frying range for finishing

400F - 200C = hot oven. Pastry, sponge, muffins
400F - 200C =initial browning of roast meats
400F - 200C = gas reg 6
425F - 220C = gas reg 7
450F - 230C = gas reg 8
450F - 230C = puff pastry, souffles, some breads
475F - 240C = gas reg 9. Very hot. Bread batons
500F - 260C = gas 10, maxium heat not for domestic cooking, but some oven self-clean at that temperature and this temperature is used by some bakers for cooking bread rolls.